Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Questions Unanswered

I was just wondering what all this Babri masjid issue is about, randomly thinking about the socio-political issues of the country. And Since I wanted to write something short this time, I chose a topic about which I didn’t know much.
So what was I wondering- The Babri Mosque. It has been one of the hottest topics in present times among the seculars, Hindutva-vadis, The Waqf board, and the Nirmohi Akhara. Hey! Wait! What the hell an akhara group has to do with this issue? Just this one I didn’t understand. It seems that everyone wants his share, as if gold coins are raining, and everyone wants to take a bath in it. This issue had never been clear to me, thanks to my news-resisting mindset, and when the verdict came on it a year ago, it caused confusion, chaos and havoc in my mind. And here I tell you the sequence of thoughts that came to my mind just after reading the Newspaper published the next day after “The Ayodhya Verdict” of September 30th, 2010.
During my childhood days, I once thought that why my school closed on 6th of December each year?? My parents never allowed me to get out of the house ranging from three to four days in the vicinity of 6th December. All this continued till the same day of the year 1996, when I took up the newspaper for the first time in my life. At that time, a curfew was imposed at a few places in the city. I never cared about it. So, while reading the newspaper, with a dictionary besides me, I found out the meanings of the words in the sequence as- religious, conflict, temple, mosque, demolition, riots, mass killings, curfew, arrested, etc…
And since then, what I came to know about the matter was that once upon a time a Muslim ruler built up a mosque on a place that was believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama, a Hindu God, which was later on demolished by a group of secular people, which resulted in uncontrollable riots and instability among the two leading religious groups of the country, causing huge losses to both humans and economy… blah...blah...blah.
When I thought about it today, I felt that all the above is a complete dump of shit.
First of all, speaking in favour of the orthodox Muslims:
What was the need to demolish the mosque even if it was on the sacred birthplace of lord Rama? Couldn’t the temple be built at any place near the mosque, as if the Hindu views are hurt if the epicentre of the place doesn’t coincide with the foundation of the temple, or, is it that you are quite sure that this was the same metre square where Lord Rama came out of his mother’s womb as if you were sitting there at the time of Rama’s birth.
Alright, if we believe that there was a temple before the mosque was built, then why didn’t you people raise your voice at the time of Babur’s building of a mosque, after all, they were your great grand fathers. But, No! You have to do what you like, and to add to your misbehaviour, you kept the idols of your Lord secretly inside the mosque, even after knowing that our religion doesn’t allow the worship of idols. This country has always been biased towards the Hindus; after all, the name says it- Hindustan. Just look at the literacy rate of the largest minority group, their education standards, treatment from other people of the country- as if we don’t belong to this country, this place has never been ours. And when you need political supports, we are always the favourites. Why us???

Now the orthodox Hindu view:
What is a mosque after all? It is only a place or a facility provided to you to offer Namaz, which, as written in Quran, can be offered anywhere, even in the open atmosphere, all you need is a clean environment, then why does the demolition of a mosque or two creates this much hype. Even the mosque where Prophet Mohammed offered his prayers, in Saudi Arabia, has been demolished for a mere reason to construct roads and buildings. Where did your “great grandfather” concern slept at that time? Now it has been even proved that the Babri mosque was built only after a Temple was destroyed at that place, the evidence too supports us. Moreover there is no comparison of a temple and a mosque in terms of religious views. It is a necessity for us, but for you it is a facility, so we always have the upper edge.
Now the question of support... Whenever you needed us, we supported. It was you only who always had a pessimistic view towards the things. We gave everything you wanted, from reservation to education. It was us only who supported you when the British turned your lives into living hell. Although things took time, but we always treated you people as our own brothers.

So, after looking all this, if the Allahabad high court gave such a decision that was completely unbiased, there was no point in appealing to the supreme court for further action. The General Public still wonders that what these religious groups want from the Government and from each other. The decision of the High Court was based on facts of the ASI as well as beliefs of the people; after all, beliefs form the core of any religion. We too agree with the crisis of Muslims in India, and know that both the groups are bounded by their religion, and are correct in each point of view. But a country, especially a democratic one, cannot choose a single way, as that would give the same result as back in 1992, when a flawed government took the decisions.
But still, we can’t control everyone. There are people in this country, who are free from any work, and if directed or sparked, they can cause severe damage to the society, economy and democracy of the country.
P.S.- The Allahabad High Court decision was the perfect one… and yes- FUCK NIRMOHI AKHARA!!! Sala koi bhi beech me kood jata hai.
PS-These views were not meant to hurt any religious sentiments. I apologise if I did, as all of the comments were un-intentional, and I was having an incomplete knowledge of the subject.

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